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“…A slow, quiet spiral in dark water,
An empty vortex, a hollowness…”

Going deeper…

Qahira Lynn, visionary spiritual artist, is a mystic muralist of the dreamtime.
Her images evoke magic…spiraling and emerging through the sacred symbology of the divine source, the great mother, the One.

“There is a small, quiet flame…”

Intuitive, shamanic art that awakens the inner fires: burning, transmuting and healing, bringing life and color into a world that has become hardened, bland and overly linear.

“…The flame is also a flower…”

Womanly, soft, blooming, unfolding, encompassing the lush, dank darkness and the majestic openness of the void, as well as the bright and beautiful light of the divine.

“…Or perhaps a volcano…”

I hope you enjoy my website. Please obtain my permission
before copying any of the images here. Thank you -- Qahira Lynn

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